The Cat Blogosphere is the central news hub for the cat blogging community.

A brief history of The Cat Blogosphere:

The origins of cat blogging are lost in time and cyberspace.   Many of us were inspired by Psychokitty Max and Timothy Dickens, the first cat bloggers most of us met. Many more were inspired by Laurence Simon, King of the Cat Bloggers and his Carnival of the Cats. And a huge shout out goes out to Jay Dyke’s The Mows cat comic, where many of us saw the link to Psychokitty and got introduced to the whole idea of cat blogging.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 was the actual first post on the Cat Blogosphere blogspot when Robyn Harton, aka Mom Robyn of HotMBC, created it, and posted as her cat Sanjee.

Monday, January 01, 2007 is when the CB moved from blogspot to a WordPress blog.  For many years, the site was run by ML Sherwood aka Momma ML as her cat KC.

It was then hosted by Sue Strong, aka Mog, who also ran the site when ML moved.

In January 2013, the hosting was transferred to  Morgen Pittman, who is the current Managing Editor of the site.  His cat Little Isis is the Lead Reporter.

  • Jane Swift Senor

    I need to find out how I can convince my husband to let me adopt a cat from the SPCA in my Town. He hates cats but grew to adore our 19 yr. old cat before she died in June!

  • Linda Kozlowski

    LOVE THIS SITE and reading all the fun stories! You may also want to check out Comfort From Critters Blog!

  • sandra estelle larson

    I would like for all of you to meet my cat Harry, a rescued French Chartreux, who has 6 blogs and a few YouTube videos. Would love your comments and suggestions as we are new at this. Thanks http://mychartreuxcatharry.blogspot.com/2015/10/harry-cats-

    halloween-costume.html thanks for Harry’s Mom, Sandra Estelle larson

  • Sean Dean

    Just subscribed! Look forward to reading more of your posts in the future and connecting with you guys. Keep up the good work, Sean