Rest In Peace, Snowie and Humphrey

Snowie and Humphrey were among the "elder states-furs" at The Bionic Cats - Basil Blog. Black and white, ebony and ivory, beauty and beauty!  Together they have crossed their Rainbow Bridge, together they shall now be, forever. Please visit The Bionic Cats with comforting words and say a kind farewell.  Thank you.

Funny Farmer Felines Interview Andy and Dougy

Have you met Andy and Dougy (and their dad Doug) from Weggieboy's Blog?  The Funny Farmer Felines interviewed them and found they are quite sassy and interesting.  Stop by Mousebreath, the e-zine for cats, to read about  Smoke Persians Andy and Dougy.

Rest In Peace, Nellie

The beautiful Nellie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  This happened while the editors of the CB were out of town, and we apologize for the delay in posting.  Please visit Nellie On The Edge and leave a comment of condolences for her family, if you have not already done so. Thank you.