Saturday 06/10 Blog Links

Happy Birthday to Sammy of Meezer Tails Hello everyone - Peaches and Paprika would like for you to participate in the next slideshow. Follow the directions in their graphic below to participate!  Thanks!  

Rest In Peace, Smokey

Smokey ~ Little Smokey, has crossed his Rainbow Bridge.  Not many knew him, and few have stopped by to wish him well on his journey ... will you visit please with words of comfort. The image here was recreated by one from his family, and the words below are taken from his blog, Purry Cute. 

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Friday 06/09 Blog Links

Happy Meezer Colors Day, brought to you by Meezer Tails Happy Birthday to Kirby of A Wizard and an Angel Happy Gotcha Day to Thomas of The Cat Street Boyz  

Rest In Peace, Mr. Dusty

Dusty ~ Driving Mr. Dusty ~ has taken his final road trip, across the rainbow bridge.  There is no map for return trips, but it matters not as he is on a journey of love and freedom with the wind in his fur.  He was blessed with a loving, caring home on earth and will

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Saturday 06/03 Blog Links

Sorry, I've been without a laptop since this past Tuesday, if you didn't get a chance to visit Sweet Purrfections and wish Truffle a Happy Birthday, please do so today! Happy Birthday to Truffle of Sweet Purrfections

Rest In Peace, Pepi

House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, or Hot(M)BC, was one of the very first cat blogs that most of us ever visited, and black cat Pepi is a true icon of the Cat Blogosphere.  Today, we say goodbye to Pepi, whose life and purrs will long be remembered.  After a valiant battle in the past

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