Thursday 5/24 Blog Links

[caption id="attachment_36226" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Pixie's Gotcha Day[/caption] Pixie from Swiss Cats is celebrating her Gotcha Day. In honor of her special day, they are hosting a commentathon. Please join Pixie in her celebration and leave a comment to help support her favorite shelter.  Webpage:

Mamacat Forever

We're sad to report that Mamacat from Catonsvcille Cats left for the Rainbow Bridge recently. You can visit and leave condolences at

Tuesday 5/22 Blog Links

We're sad to hear that Miles Meezer from Meezer Tails has been diagnosed with cancer and the diagnosis doesn't sound promising. Sammy Meezer has another skin cancer, but he is doing okay. Please consider visiting Mom Mary and leave some good thoughts and purrs. 

Sunday 5/20 Blog Links

It's time for Easy  Sunday. Do you take Sunday afternoon naps with your humans? Before you take that nap, get your phone and take a photo and join the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop over at The Cat on My Head. While you're there, wish Janet and Tom a Happy 45th Anniversary!   We also found

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Thursday 5/17 Blog Links

The weekend is almost here! We've had a busy week. What has your week been like? We know that even though life can be tough, there is a lot to be thankful for, so head over to Brian's Home and join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. When I started counting my blessings, my whole life

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Emma Forever

We lost another cat from the Cat Blogosphere on May 4 - Emma from A Blog for Emma.  Her mom, Katherine, hadn't blogged in a while, but we're sure she could use your comforting words now.

Sunday 5/13 Blog Links

We know not all of the humans in the Cat Blogosphere have human children, but we celebrate the pet moms today, too! We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day today.

Saturday 5/12 Blog Links

There have been a lot of natural disasters in the United States and across the world recently: fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Do you have a plan in place for taking care of your pets if a disaster occurs?

Friday 5/11 Blog Links

We love these fun holidays and celebrations. Eat What You Want Day was created by Ruth and Thomas Roy from in order to help people have a break from all of the health and diet trends of our times, if only for a day. They wanted people to enjoy themselves without restrictions for one

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Thursday 5/10 Blog Links

Did you know that today was Clean Up Your Room Day? Maybe there's that room that needs a little spiffing up in your home that you can help your humans with today. In the meantime, hop over to Brian's Home and join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and share with other what you are thankful

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Wednesday 5/9 Blog Links

Do you have a photo where no words are needed? We think it's fun to post just a photo and have everyone post in the comments what the cat is thinking or what is happening. Consider posting a Wordless Wednesday post today.