BGs Forever

She was big, she was beautiful, she was brilliantly black ... she was BGs.  A loving, gentle soul ... who has now suddenly crossed her rainbow bridge.  Without illness, without injury, BGs went to sleep and went beyond and her loss will long be mourned.  Please stop in at Marg's Animals with words of comfort. 

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Sunday 2/4 Blog Links

It's time to get out those camera and take some selfies! Then hop over to The Cat on My Head and join the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.  

RIP Mr. Kitty

Now I lay me down to sleep ... and so he crossed his rainbow, quietly and gently, his family by his side.  Please visit with words of comfort for Cheri and Don, Cats of Wildcat Woods,  who have said farewell to dear Mr. Kitty.  Thank you.