Funny Farmer Felines Interview Jasper McKitten-Cat

Jasper McKitten opened his blog a year before we Funny Farmer Felines opened ours, so we're sure many of you are already familiar with this blog; however, there is always more to learn, so drop by Mousebreath to read the story of Jasper McKitten-Cat and Siblings (Jose, Huggy Bear and Maggie).

Funny Farmer Felines Interview The Eastside Cats

If you haven't met the Eastside Cats, you should.   Well, even if you have met them, drop by and read their interview with the Funny Farmer Felines to get better acquainted.  Their story, The Eastside Inside Outside Cats, is exclusively on Mousebreath.

Funny Farmer Felines Interview Buckwheat

You likely remember the Phin, Feather and Furr Gang blog.  It used to feature Angel Willie Snapp. Now Buckwheat is the resident cat.  The Funny Farmer Felines interviewed him.  Stop by Mousebreath to read about the Great Lap Warmer Buckwheat.

Funny Farmer Felines Interview Andy and Dougy

Have you met Andy and Dougy (and their dad Doug) from Weggieboy's Blog?  The Funny Farmer Felines interviewed them and found they are quite sassy and interesting.  Stop by Mousebreath, the e-zine for cats, to read about  Smoke Persians Andy and Dougy.

Funny Farmer Felines Interview Herms and Adorapurr

The Funny Farmer Felines have resumed their cat interviews.  Don't miss the Sherlock Herms and Adorapurr Intermew at Mousebreath. Would you like to tell your story?  Are you a cat who blogs?  Are you a Cat Scout?  Perhaps you are a cat on social media? Contact the Funny Farmer Felines to be interviewed for Mousebreath

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Funny Farmer Felines Introduce Amazon

The Funny Farmer Felines would like to introduce you to Amazon, the star of a book written for children - and also enjoyed by adults.  Stop by Mousebreath, the ezine for cats, to read Jaimi Ilama and The Upstairs Cat.

Funny Farmers Interview The Library Cats

The Funny Farmer Felines' first interview of 2016 is with Toby, BobbieSue, Simon and Jack, The Library Cats.  Their story, The Board of Library Cats, is published exclusively on Mousebreath.   Simon of The Library Cats  writes the blog Doggies and Kitty Caperz.