Rainbow Bridge

Rest In Peace, Flynn

OUR LIFE WITH FLYNN, and with Eric ~ will never be the same again.  Beautiful, so loved Flynn has crossed his Rainbow Bridge, now joining his brother Eric.  Many have already visited Two Devon Cats: Eric and Flynn's Adventures to leave comforting words, if not, please do so.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Snowie and Humphrey

Snowie and Humphrey were among the "elder states-furs" at The Bionic Cats - Basil Blog. Black and white, ebony and ivory, beauty and beauty!  Together they have crossed their Rainbow Bridge, together they shall now be, forever. Please visit The Bionic Cats with comforting words and say a kind farewell.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Nellie

The beautiful Nellie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  This happened while the editors of the CB were out of town, and we apologize for the delay in posting.  Please visit Nellie On The Edge and leave a comment of condolences for her family, if you have not already done so. Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Princess

And her Mom wrote, "I sat and held her, told her I loved her and that it was all right to go. Then I told her that I would see her at the Rainbow Bridge, where she would join all my other babies that have gone before her... she was feisty and sometimes grumpy but

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Rest In Peace, Socks

Socks has crossed his Rainbow Bridge ~ please visit Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs with loving and comforting words for this special boy whose adventures we all enjoyed for so many years.  Thank you.  

Rest In Peace, Boomer

She wrote in closing ~ welcome to heaven, little one.  Boomer, of da tabbies o trout towne has traveled across the Rainbow Bridge.  This memory image and the amazingly beautiful piece written on their blog were composed with love by Boomer's human.  Thank you for visiting with your special words of comfort.

Rest In Peace, Nicky

A beautiful boy, fighting the good fight against his cancer.  Dear Nicky knew it was his time for farewells, and has gently crossed his rainbow bridge to join others who have gone before.  Please leave your words of love and caring at his blog It's All Good, thank you.

Rest In Peace, Tabby

Please send loving words to the family of beautiful TABBY who crossed her Rainbow Bridge on Valentine's day.  Tabby was just 11-years young and had fought well against kidney disease, but it was time to rest, to be at peace.  Your comfort and caring will mean so very much. A special note:  TABBY'S home is

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Rest In Peace, Kelly-Kelly

Little KELLY-KELLY of The Zoo crossed her Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. Would you please visit with words of comfort for this sweet little one.  Thank you.

Our Rainbow Friends

OUR RAINBOW FRIENDS, the monthly blog in memory of our beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge has now published for the month of December. Please visit at the LINK below to leave words of comfort for those who lost their pets.  Thank you. And remember, if you wish to have your pet

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Rest In Peace, Pandora

​She was a beautiful girl ~ loved much by her sis-fur Zowie, and watched over for so many years by Percy, the handsome mancat of the family.  Now sweet Pandora has reached out and caught her rainbow ~ may she forever be at peace.  Please stop by The Adventures of Percy The Cat to leave

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Rest In Peace, Mickey

Even when our kitties may spend years and years with us, it never seems enough time.  Dearest MICKEY, over 17 years on this earth, has sadly crossed his Rainbow Bridge.  Please visit at PURR THERAPY to leave words of comfort and kindness.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Jamison

He was suffering and he deserved comfort. He fought hard. He was courageous. The little panther … Jamison has now crossed his Rainbow Bridge.  Please visit to comfort his family with your caring words. Also, on Friday, January 13, Robin, mom to Christmas, the dachshund, will be hosting PURRS 4 JAMISON DAY.  And she is inviting

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Rest In Peace, Hunter

Little Hunter, though past the age of sweet sixteen ~ still was a kitten at heart.  But just before Christmas, he chose to cross his Rainbow Bridge.  Please stop by The Zoo to leave kind words for his family.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Fiona

After a months-long brave battle with kidney disease, the lovely Fiona of The Cat on My Head has crossed her Rainbow Bridge.  Please visit The Cat on My Head to leave messages of condolence for Fiona's family.

Rest In Peace, Bhu

After a brave and valiant battle, it was time for the handsome Bhu to cross his Rainbow Bridge. Please visit Bhu's blog and leave messages of condolences for his family.  You will forever be missed, Bhu.

Rest In Peace, Sammy

Sammy of One Spoiled Cat will be crossing his Rainbow Bridge today ... a special blog hop was already a pre-planned for him, for the day ... and it will go on. Remembering Sammy: Now I lay me down to sleep, angels near to guide my feet. I'm not afraid, I do not fear, my life's been

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Rest In Peace, Luna

The wonderful Luna from Catsynth has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.  Please read the heartfelt post at Catsynth and leave a message for Luna's mom. Luna is an icon of the Cat Blogosphere, and will be sorely missed.  Fly free, sweet girl.

Rest In Peace, Skittles

The mighty Skittles, also known as The Huntress, has gone to the great fields of the Rainbow Bridge.  An icon of cat blogging, Skittles' blog was The Whole Kitten Kaboodle.