Rainbow Bridge

Mamacat Forever

We're sad to report that Mamacat from Catonsvcille Cats left for the Rainbow Bridge recently. You can visit and leave condolences at

Emma Forever

We lost another cat from the Cat Blogosphere on May 4 - Emma from A Blog for Emma.  Her mom, Katherine, hadn't blogged in a while, but we're sure she could use your comforting words now.

Charlie Forever

As CHARLIE'S Mom so sadly wrote, "I am very sorry to say that Charlie crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. I take comfort in the thought that the last thing he felt was my heartbeat and the last thing he heard was my voice telling him how much he's loved, how much he'll

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Jelly Bean Forever

So loved, and so special.  She had been ill for awhile, she continued to fight, until she could do so no more.  And now hearts are broken as little JB has crossed the rainbow bridge. Although not frequently on their blog, they are often on Facebook.  You can leave comforting words at either place.

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Foxy Forever

Will you please take a moment to say farewell, to leave words of comfort for beautiful FOXY ... her crossing of the rainbow bridge has truly broken the hearts of her loving family.  Your words will mean a great deal to all ... thank you.   Also, please take time soon to visit at Our

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Tobias Forever

Remembering Tobias from Nerissa's Life. As her loving Mom has written, sweet little Toby has crossed her Rainbow Bridge to join her sister Nissy and no doubt they are already chasing butterflies in heavenly nip-filled fields.  Run free forever, Tobias ... we will be missing you.

Our Rainbow Friends – February 2018

Our pet friends who crossed the bridge in February ~ Kali, Spud, Stormer, Harley, Sarge, Kit, Cumin, Tasha, Mr. Jack Freckles, BGs and Holly ~ have all been remembered in the February posting of Our Rainbow Friends. Please visit and leave words of comfort for their families.  And you can always scroll back to visit

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Smokey, Forever

It was a long time ago.  And Smokey was the classic "foster failure".  But when he came into the Forty Paws home ~ just as a foster, remember?  Well, somehow, he stayed.  And stayed, and how he was loved.  But now it was his time to leave.  And so, after many years of loving and

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Sei-Chan Forever

Posted by her loving Mom ~ I am sorry to let you know that my sweet little Sei-Chan lost her battle this morning. Despite everything that Christina, my vet and dear friend, did, she was not able to come back from this very sudden crisis. She started her journey to Rainbow Bridge nestled in my

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RIP Mr. Brutus

Saying farewell to a blogging legend ~ the always handsome, so loved by so many, Mr. Brutus. He arrived wanting food ~ he left enjoying treats.  Treats will be his forever. His mom, Laura, hasn't blogged in a while, but here is their webpage and a link on Facebook if you'd like to send comforting

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RIP Sister Kit

Sister Kit, Forever
We're sad to report that Sister Kit traveled across the rainbow bridge today. We know Dad Terry will miss his evening lap buddy, but we know Sister Kit will be waiting to settle in once again in the future. Please visit Brian's Home and leave some comforting words.

BGs Forever

She was big, she was beautiful, she was brilliantly black ... she was BGs.  A loving, gentle soul ... who has now suddenly crossed her rainbow bridge.  Without illness, without injury, BGs went to sleep and went beyond and her loss will long be mourned.  Please stop in at Marg's Animals with words of comfort. 

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RIP Mr. Kitty

Now I lay me down to sleep ... and so he crossed his rainbow, quietly and gently, his family by his side.  Please visit with words of comfort for Cheri and Don, Cats of Wildcat Woods,  who have said farewell to dear Mr. Kitty.  Thank you.