Rainbow Bridge

Rest In Peace, Elsie

Elsie was special, and so loved.  She was an elder lady at The Daily Pip, and your words of comfort will be so appreciated, please visit if you can do so.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Wizard

Please visit The Foster Failures to leave words of comfort for the family of handsome Wizard, who crossed his rainbow bridge on Monday.  His crossing was unexpected and tragic, and this beautiful boy was so loved and will be greatly missed.  Thank you for caring.

Rest In Peace, Billy SweetFeets

Surely a cat-icon in the pet blogging world!  Billy SweetFeets~ known and loved by so many has crossed his rainbow bridge.  May he be at peace. Please visit the Meezer Tails to leave kind words for all.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, GT

GT, a handsome boy, and longtime Quality Assurance supervisor for the "ham-mick team" at Forty Paws.  He'll now forever rest on a very special ham-mick beyond the rainbow bridge.  Please visit with your words of comfort for all those left behind.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Shakespeare

SHAKESPEARE, this beautiful boy ~ gone too soon and too tragically.  Please visit and help Pam with your caring comments at Two Cats Views.  Thank you so much.

Rest In Peace, Suds

Sweet SUDS ~ part of his family for over fifteen-years has now sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Please visit at CATS WITH YOUR COFFEE to leave words of comfort for Chrystal and all the others left behind who miss him so.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Dante

A king among cats, majestic he was.  Dante ~ of Lacocoon Dante and Wendy's 3D Cats has crossed his Rainbow Bridge. Although it was a short time ago, it was only now that his Mom felt up to posting ~ please stop by with some words of comfort.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Ginger

Ginger ~ from Cory Cat Blog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Ginger ~ the cat whose story rocked the pet blogging world in September 2011!  Read the story of Ginger and leave a word of comfort for those left behind.  Farewell, and rest in peace dear one.

Our Rainbow Friends Updated for June

OUR RAINBOW FRIENDS, the monthly blog in memory of friends loved and lost, has now published for those who crossed the rainbow bridge during the month of June.  Please visit when you can to leave words of comfort.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Domino

Loved, lost.  Twelve years young, DOMINO of Kwee Cats and Art has crossed his rainbow bridge, yet his light shines on for those left behind.  Please visit with words of comfort.  Thank you. [Watercolor background image by Rebecca Lewis of Kwee Art]

Rest In Peace, Mousie

Sweet, fuzzy, sassy Mousie has caught a rainbow and crossed her bridge.  Please visit Louche Tabby with words of comfort.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Daddy Cat

Daddy Cat from Jacqueline's Cat House has crossed his Rainbow Bridge.  This beautiful boy, so much loved for so many years has now left his family and moved on.  Please visit with words of comfort.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Awesome Louie and Jolly

I realize it is a holiday weekend for many, however, two sweet kitty friends have recently crossed their rainbow bridge, and not many have stopped by with words of comfort. If you can find a moment today, or perhaps tomorrow, to visit and offer a kind and supporting word, it would be very much appreciated.

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Rest In Peace, Frankie

Frankie crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. From August 2000 to May 20, 2016 we were blessed to have wonderful and loving Frankie in our lives. He was one of my first playmates when I moved into mom’s and granmama’s home. He taught me how to be a man-cat and was a joy to know. 

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Rest In Peace, CJ

Little CJ has had so many struggles, and faced each and every one without complaint, with bravery and hope.  Sadly, she reached the point where she could no longer fight ~ she enjoyed some bird-watching, then with her Mom holding her close and gently, crossed her rainbow bridge.  We purred and prayed for her just

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Rest In Peace, Tanya

She was 19.  It matters not really if it is 19 years old, 19 years young ~ Tanya was loved and cherished each of those years. And without a sound, she put down her soft head, went to sleep and crossed her Rainbow Bridge, ever so quietly leaving behind an empty chair. Please visit, please

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