Rainbow Bridge

Rest In Peace, Feline

She has left too soon ~ way too soon.  Sweet little FELINE, not yet three years old, has crossed her rainbow bridge.  If you have not yet visited AngelsWhisper2011 to offer a caring word, please do so.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Stinky

Held close and safe in the arms of her family, STINKY crossed her Rainbow Bridge.  Many of you have already said farewell, but if you've not had a moment to stop and visit 15 And Meowing, please do so.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Sam

Sweet Sam, with a tip 'o the hat to those he loved, has now crossed his Rainbow Bridge.  Farewell to this dear boy.  Many of you have already stopped by Jan's Funny Farm, but if you've not had a chance to do so, please take the time to leave a kind word for Jan and

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Rest In Peace, Trooder

Our dear friend Laure from The Misadventures of Me lost her dear Trooder on Christmas day.  Yesterday, she posted "Trooder decided today was the day he'd get his wings. At 6:30 tonight he passed away in my arms on the way to the emergency vet."  Trooder will be very missed by his family and his

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Rest In Peace, Kashim

Salome and Kashim were one of the first blogging cats many of us met when we first started blogging, before so many of us switched from regular blogging to facebook.  Astrid's blog has evolved over the years, but still has a page for her beloved cats, and she is a long-time member of the Cats

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Rest In Peace, Sammy and Molly

It is not easy to share sad news, especially at this time of year.  And it seems that this month we have had far too many rainbow bridge crossings ~ and I am sorry that I must share more. Realizing everyone is busy now with holiday plans, and even travel, I still hope you'll find

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Rest In Peace, Nugget

He was 15-years young, this beautiful and loving "orange boy" ~ NUGGET from It's All About The Meow.  But we must now wish him farewell as he has crossed his rainbow bridge, please visit It's All About The Meow with words of caring and comfort.  Thank you so much.

Rest In Peace, Romeo

Romeo = Love. And so he did, ten years of warm fluffy love showing his heart to all!  And now this dear boy has sadly crossed his bridge to join so many others we have loved and lost.  Please visit Romeo the Cat with your caring words (very few have stopped by) ~ we thank

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Rest In Peace, Georgie

From Cats of Wildcat Woods, sweet Georgie girl has crossed her Rainbow Bridge after a long and valiant fight.  As was written:  Georgie's gift to us was her patience, sweetness and trusting nature. She was like water, bending and flowing with life's daily movements, always unflappable, unperturbed.  Please visit Cheri and Don at Cats of Wildcat

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Rest In Peace, Moosey

Beautiful MOOSEY, of Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, such a special boy and in many ways a legend in his own time, has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Moosey ~ we will all miss you and we all loved you!  Farewell, dear one!  Please visit Animal Shelter Volunteer Life with your comforting words for Tracey and Kevin, thank you.

Rest in Peace, Angle and Rocky

Over at THE ZOO ~ Little Angle and Little Rocky ~ two beloved little ladies of 14 and 16 who shared life and love together at THE ZOO for many years, have now together crossed their rainbow bridge ~ please visit with words of comfort.  They were both so sweet, are both so missed.  Thank

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Rest In Peace, Girl Kitty

GIRL KITTY ~ her heart murmured but it murmured love and goodness.  She has now crossed her bridge to join forever those who have gone before.  Stop by Margs Animals to say farewell to this dear little one.  Thank you.  

Rest In Peace, Buddy

BUDDY ~ the "sunshine" in the home of The Carolina Cats .  Fifteen-years young, this handsome orange boy was a snuggler on his own terms, most often a friend to all ~ now crossing his rainbow bridge to join those who have gone before.  Please visit The Carolina Cats with a comforting farewell to dear Buddy,

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Rest In Peace, Tober

He was a legend, one of a kind ~ special without a doubt!  We can't really write words for TOBER. Tober was all about "words" as the official cat of the Thorntown Library.  And now he's likely checking out the books in heaven. Please stop by to say farewell, and if you have time, visit

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Our Rainbow Friends

Our Rainbow Friends ~ the monthly blog in memory of our friends who have crossed their rainbow bridge has now published for the month of October.  Please visit to share a word of comfort for these beautiful pets we loved so much ~ thank you.

Rest In Peace, Madison

Madison was born to a feral momma, and found a lifetime of love with his family at Cory Cat Blog.  Lori hasn't posted on her own blog about Madison's passing, so please be patient while she notifies family members.  Sending love to Madison's family.

Rest In Peace, Ambrose

He was the "life of the party and brought joy to my life." So it was, so was Ambrose ~ the little once-upon-a-time feral who came to GRRRETA and became the loving family member.  Now he has sadly crossed his rainbow bridge.  Please visit with comforting words.  Thank you.

Rest In Peace, Willow

As often as I create Rainbow Bridge images for many kitties and woofies, it has not really entered my mind or heart that I would be making one for our own family pet.  Yet today, I ask that you remember our WILLOW as she has just crossed her rainbow bridge and our home is so

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Rest In Peace, Peppers

Selina of One Eye on the Future has posted that earlier today she and the family helped her brother Peppers cross his Rainbow Bridge.  Will you stop by One Eye on the Future  with a soft and soothing word of farewell . Thank you.