Sidebar Badges

HTML code for The Cat Blogosphere Logos, to add to your blog sidebar:


 Copy & paste this code into your blog’s sidebar:


  • We got it to work and resized it down to 150. It links through just fine. Thank you Glogirly for designing these.

  • Cute design. Thanks +++.

  • Is there any way to make the graphic smaller on the sidebar? I’m not good with editing photos and stuffs. LOL

  • love it but can you please make it easy and just design a 250×200 which I think that most of us use anyway 🙂 Please!

    I did what you said and it won’t work

  • got it on my sidebar just fine. Very nice, purrrrrssss

  • I did exactly what you said, but it doesn’t work :-(. It would be purrrfect with a size of 150

  • Little Isis

    I sent you an email with a code, hope it works.

  • Little Isis

    Hi Loupi, I sent you a code via email for 150 size. Hope it works!

  • Little Isis

    Thanks for letting us know! Much appreciated!

  • Little Isis

    Thanks for letting us know you were able to resize it!
    Much appreciated! Glad it worked for you!

  • Little Isis

    Hi Caren, Thanks for the feedback. I sent you code for a 250 x 250 logo via email.
    Hope it works for you!

  • Little Isis

    We’re so glad you all like it!

  • A suggestion: It seems you’ve already sent 250 & 150 pixel version of the logos. How about posting them on this page. Would likely save you and us all some time.


  • Little Isis

    Thank you for the feedback. This was on our to-do list and we moved it to the top for you. Hope you can find a code size that works for your blog’s sidebar.

  • Thanks.

    Is there anything you can do about the two-lever scroll bars? At least in Firefox, ‘Select All’ literally select ALL (the entire page) and the nested scroll bars makes it kind of a pain to select the HTML.

  • We’ve added the 150 x 150 which looks good but 250 X 150 would be even more awesome.

  • CJ

    Thanks for the badges, I’ve added one to my blog 🙂

  • Dianna Richards

    How big is that image supposed to be? Cause it’s like 963px × 963px on House Panthers and no one has a side bar that big!

  • Hello = we tweaked the code on the sidebar image.
    Hopefully it is more responsive (automatically fits to each sidebar) now. Thanks for your feedback!

  • RascalandRocco

    where it says width and height, you can adjust the percentage