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Recently, we were sent a sample bag of a new high protein, low glycemic cat food for the Purries of Purrchance To Dream to try out called Nutrisca by Catswell.  This is a grain-free, potato-free dry cat food with cranberries added for urinary tract health.  Since Nutro changed their packaging and formula, we’ve been trying to find a good healthy food that all the Purries enjoy.  Seven of the nine Purries enjoy Nutrisca, which is a really great number for this bunch of finicky eaters!  We are using the remainder of our sample bag as treats, supplementing the amount of Temptations that are used in our multi-cat household.
Using the store locator function at the Catswell website, we discovered that this food is now available near us, at Pet Supermarkets.  Since the majority of our cats really enjoy this food, we’ll definitely be getting some more to supplement our food intake here.
If you have a cat with a gylcemic problem like diabetes, or want a grain-free food that is also potato-free, we would recommend you try Nutrisca.  We think this would especially be a good food for overweight cats who have urinary tract issues.
Thanks to Catswell for letting us try this new product.

The Nutrisca press release:

CATSWELL®, a super premium brand of cat treats, will introduce Nutrisca Dry Food, a high protein, low glycemic food for cats.  Each recipe is naturally formulated for great digestion and uses animal protein as the first ingredient.

Catering to cats with dietary sensitivities, Nutrisca Dry Food is a high protein food and sourced from a single category such as poultry or fish.  All recipes are low in carbohydrates to align with a cat’s carnivorous diet and do not contain grains, potatoes, gluten, corn, wheat or soy. Boosted with vitamins and chelated minerals, Nutrisca Dry Food helps maintain a healthy immune system. For an added benefit, cranberries are included to help maintain urinary tract health.

“With thousands of people feeding and enjoying Nutrisca dry food for dogs, we thought it was only fair to create Nutrisca Dry Food for cats. After all, they don’t deserve to feel left out” said CATSWELL® VP of Marketing, Brad Armistead. “These recipes are specially crafted to be highly palatable. Cats are very picky so palatability is a key factor when it comes to their food.”

Offered in wild-caught salmon and cage-free chicken recipes, Nutrisca Dry Food is available for purchase at select retailers throughout the United States. For more information or to find stores that carry CATSWELLL®, please visit

About CATSWELL®  Founded in 2004, CATSWELL® is a Los Angeles-based company that creates low glycemic, super premium cat food and treats, free of any corn, wheat, soy or other fillers.  CATSWELL® offers one line of food, Nutrisca®, and three lines of treats, Happy Hips®, Vitakitty®, and Breathies®.  CATSWELL® products can be found in supermarkets, pet specialty stores and national retailers. For more information, please visit

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  • catswell uses chicken from china and just a small number of their treats has done long term damage to my cat Jack. He got them in January because I over looked the very carefully hidden ‘made in china’ statement on the package. he has been having urinary issues ever since and they are only kept in check with supplements and a lot of care.

  • Dan H.

    My outdoor cat likes this brand very much. I looked at every print-mark on the package and failed to find “China.” Where is it?

  • Little Isis

    Hi Dan,
    The bag of Nutrisca that I have says “Made In USA” also. I know that some Dogswell dog treats were made in China, and I believe that is what the previous commenter was referring to. I cannot find anything about China in regards to their cat food like Nutrisca, either.

  • Dan H.

    Never mind my question. I thought you were writing about the bag of food, which has no “Made in China” statement. The bag has several “Made in America” marks.

  • Sandra Wilczak Amato

    Just tried this cat food this week and my cats love it and I have 5 most eat wet food only, but occasionally will sneak some dry….but for my one cat who only likes dry and throws it up right away, this worked wonders! He likes it and I haven’t had a vomit issue since Sunday! I will keep buying it…!

  • Kathy Miciak

    Yes this Nutrisca is fantastic. My cat was a very sick stray with herpes virus which compromises many other aspects of her health. She had terrible diarrhea for months until I fed her Nutrisca. It clicked perfectly with her digestive system. It’s not readily available at the pet stores I use so they just order it for me, and I will always order ahead of time because I’ve run out & am feeding another ‘digestive’ brand, now she’s got soft stools & threw up a couple times. Absolutely try this food if your cat has digestive issues. She loves it & so do my other two cats.

  • Wolfmom2

    I just won a free bag of Nutrisca and not one of my four cats will touch it! I have never had them turn down any dry cat food before. I even tried feeding it to a feral cat that I feed outside and HE won’t eat it either!!

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