Purrsonal Name Change

Hello friends! Even though I have been alive and kicking online long before the horrible terrorist group that the USA media calls “Isis” has been in the public’s mind, my dads have decided to change my online name from “Little Isis” to Minion. This is the nickname they call me in private, so it’s not a change for them. Just a change in my online presence on facebook, twitter, and The Cat Blogosphere.
Thank you for your continued support over the years! PURRS!
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  • Hello, Minion! Sorry that you had to change your name for such an awful reason.

  • Well personally Isis reminds us of the Egyptian Goddess which you personify purrfectly, but we do understand why you have choosen to change your online name. Minion is a terrific nickname. Scylla says just be thankful your nickname isn’t Kitty Cow. Daddy really has to find a new nickname for her.

  • Connie KittyBlog

    that is completely understandable. It is sad when things like that happen, but people are just weird that way

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