Rest In Peace, Monty Q

Did you ever “Do the Q?”

Well, if you are an old-timer-blogger, chances are you did.

The famous (and infamous) originator of Doing The Q, the beloved Monty Q, from Survival of the Furriest sadly crossed his rainbow bridge.  It was several months ago, but only recently could his Mom bring herself to post about his crossing.

Certainly, we would never make light of any of our furry friends over the rainbow, but it goes without saying, that we
think up there, right now, Monty is fur sure, teaching a lot of friends how to curl up and do the Q as only he can do it!
Heaven has a new best buddy these days!  If you haven’t yet visited, please do so and say a fond farewell to this blogosphere legend.
Written by
  • MJ Fish

    A true legend! He will be missed.