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Time to get posts ready for Dr. Suess Day!

Just for you a remember, ’cause no critter should say
they just hugely furgot ’bout Dr. Seuss Day!
So go find your poems, your stripeys, and your hats, 
all you gerbils, all bunnies, all dogsters, all cats!
Get yourselves ready, don’t be hiding away!  
It’s fun to be part of Dr. Seuss Day!
Write silly, 
Make pictures that bring us a really big giggle!
Flip yourself upside, downside, or waggle or wiggle.
So what’s it all about?
This Dr. Seuss Day?
It’s about having fun, any which way: Thursday, March 2, 2017

Feel free to use these graphics, provided by Ann of Zoolatry
on your blog, or any social media, use to help promote this fun event for all critters in the pet blogging community!

Do your own thing on Dr. Seuss Day …
it’s an annual event among pet bloggers
and you don’t want to miss being part of it!

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