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Annabelle Forever

This beautiful kitty girl, Annabelle, has sadly crossed her rainbow bridge. Once upon a time we would visit her at Purr Therapy, but in recent years her Mom, Julia would post her sweet pictures on their Facebook page, which is where you may now visit to leave words of comfort. Thank you.

You can visit here:

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  1. What a beautiful cat. Sending my thoughts and condolences to Julia and her family.

    I am not connected with Julia directly on Facebook, so hoping my message can reach her.

  2. I couldn’t comment on their Facebook page. Perhaps someone could pass this along…

    I’ve read that your Annabelle has died. I’m very sorry to learn this. I didn’t know her, but I know the loss her passing must create, and I’m very sorry you must feel that. God bless you, and Godspeed, Annabelle.

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