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Cat World Domination Day – Sunday 6/24 Blog Links

Wow! We have a lot to share today! We have a guest post from Janiss Garza and Summer about Cat World Domination Day, a Blog Hop for the Sunday Selfies, and two birthdays. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Cat World Domination Day

We want to welcome Summer from and Janiss Garza for our guest post today.  Janiss began Cat World Domination Day in honor of Sparkle, who many of you may remember. We hope you enjoy the history of Cat World Domination Day and will visit her blog for more information and share you own photos through social media posts.

Original announcement of Cat World Domination Day with Sparkle

The History of Cat World Domination Day

By Summer

Cat World Domination Day began in 2012, with Sparkle. Her tenth birthday was June 24 of that year, and her human had no idea what to do for it. In lieu of bringing home a fancy new cat tree, or some other expensive kitty trinket, she decided to create a special holiday in Sparkle’s honor. ( Thus Cat World Domination Day began. Sparkle always wanted humans to acknowledge that cats were in charge, and this was a way to celebrate that.

Since June 24 was Sparkle’s birthday, along with being designated a brand new holiday for worldwide feline domination, the first Cat World Domination Day included some presents for Sparkle, along with a giveaway. The resulting blog post was so successful that Sparkle decided it should be an annual holiday. Every year Sparkle had a graphic for the day, a party, and a giveaway. In 2014, mega-talented artist Stacy Hurt made a quilt as one of the prizes.

Quilt designed by Stacy Hurt in 2014

Sparkle only got to celebrate this annual holiday three times. She passed away in August 2014, just two months after her twelfth birthday. When I came to live with my human not long afterwards, I knew I would continue Cat World Domination Day every year. This will be my fourth Cat World Domination Day, which means I’ll have celebrated more of them than Sparkle got to.

The great thing about this holiday is that its popularity has spread! There is a group of Instagram cats that celebrate Cat World Domination every Wednesday now. @jackapotamusrex ( started it in 2017, when he realized, “kitty massages, healthy food, toys, and multiple beds were possible for all cats.” He pulled his best friend, @harley_tank_quinn ( into the movement, and @theodore_h_kittycat (, @sprice345 (, and @tedi_the_tortie (tedi_the_tortie) joined up. The list of cats is growing too. If you are on Instagram you can follow these kitties, along with the hashtags #CatWorldDomination, #cwdcrew, and #cwdwednesday.

Here are some quick FAQs about Cat World Domination Day:


I thought cats already took over the world?

We have! June 24 – and Wednesdays on Instagram – are just our days to celebrate it.

How do you decide on a menu for your party?

It’s hard! I just try to figure out something that hasn’t been done in years past. Sometimes it’s fancy, sometimes, like this year, it’s simple.

Do you get presents on Cat World Domination Day?

I don’t because my birthday’s in March. The combination of birthday party and holiday was only when Sparkle was alive.

How do you decide on the prizes?

If, like this year, the holiday is a few weeks after the BlogPaws and/ or Cat Writers Conference, we put together the prizes from the swag my human and I bring home. (We had a LOT this year!) If we don’t attend, like in 2017, my human picks up items over a period of months.

Doesn’t Binga get out of control at these parties?

If we limit her catnip intake, we’re usually okay. I’m not so sure we can do that this year, though! I think she has a hidden stash.


Angel Jewel

Angel Jewel from Fur Everywhere is celebrating her birthday at the bridge today.  She would have been 20 this year!  Mom Sierra encourages everyone to stop by to wish her a Happy Birthday. Blog link:

Basil and Fudge

We’re wishing a belated birthday to Basil (who celebrated his 16th birthday) and to Fudge (who celebrated his 2nd birthday) on June 21. We understand Basil is a little under the weather, so the major celebration is on hold for a little bit. You can visit them and help celebrate at


Blog Hop

While you are celebrating Cat World Domination Day and birthdays, take some selfies and join the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop at The Cat on My Head.


Sunday 6/24 Blog Links

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