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Run Free Dear Prancie

Dear Prancie from has sadly crossed her Rainbow Bridge. She will be missed my Mom Ellen and all of her family and friends. I know a lot of you have visited, but if you haven't please stop by with…

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Run Free Dear Ruse

Dear sweet and affectionate Ruse from Grace and Company has crossed his Rainbow Bridge.  Please stop by with purrs, hugs, love and words of comfort for those he left behind. Please visit here:

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Muffin Forever

Dear sweet Muffin fromTail from the Foster Kittens has made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. As Mom Connie wrote..."She was a force. She was the most willful kitten I have fostered, the most determined, the most set in her…

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Faz Forever

Bloggers from "the past" will surely remember this beautiful girl, FAZ the Cat ... an active and fun loving, gorgeous kitty ... who has now sadly crossed her Rainbow Bridge.  Her blog is no longer active ... but you can…

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Run Free Dear Ruby

We were sad to learn that dear Ruby from The Conscious Cat has departed for the Rainbow Bridge about a brief battle with lymphoma. As Mom Ingrid wrote on her blog..."She brought so much joy and light to our home…

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Mrs. Oz Forever

Once upon a time when the cat blogging world was so much smaller, everyone knew THE CAT REALM ... and the kitties who lived there ...and of course, we knew and loved Mrs. Oz. She has now gone beyond. As…

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