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Guidelines to have news posted:

  • Include a square photo/graphic relating to your news.  500 x 500 pixel graphics work best, but so long as it is a square graphic, the template will resize to fit the post.  A .png image works best, but a .jpg is acceptable.  By graphic, I mean a photograph, blog avatar, or photoshopped image that relates to the event/news story or to your blog.  A second, larger photograph may be included for the new story.
  • Include a link to your specific post, if possible.  If it hasn’t posted yet or is more applicable, include a general URL link to your blog or website.
  • Include at least a paragraph of text about your news story.  Include the date when you wish to have your post published.  Please get your email to me at least 24 hours prior to the desired publication date, if possible.
  • The Cat Blogosphere’s Managing Editor reserves the right to edit any news story.


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