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Friday 6/1 Blog Links

Welcome to the month of June and the new look of the Cat Blogosphere (CB).  We will be updating the theme throughout the day, so make sure you come back to see the changes.

We want to take a moment to thank Morgen (Mo), Eyad, and Minion (formerly Isis) for the time, expertise, and years they’ve given to the CB.  Morgen has worked tirelessly behind the scenes the last several years to keep the CB community together and to keep us informed of special events, rainbow bridge passings, illnesses, and celebrations. Thank you from all of us!

logo – full size px
sidebar image – 300 px

We’re including the new logo (above) for our members to use on their blogs to point their readers in our direction.  The first image is in 500 px square format and the second image is the 300 px square format you can use on your sidebar. Please feel free to take and use the images above.

We have several plans for the CB and welcome feedback from everyone:

  • CB Link Directory page. This would be a permanent page and an ongoing hop where everyone’s blog name and a link so people can see the members of the CB. This would be the general link to your page.
  • CB Shops page. We’d like to continue the CB Shops page. It needs to be updated with current names, links, and information. We know many of our members have shops and we’d like for the community to be aware of them.
  • Giveaways. We’d like to add a link on the daily blog links for those in the community who are hosting a giveaway. We would need a graphic, a link to your post, and other pertinent information (deadline, product information, etc.)
  • Activities and Celebrations. We want to include special activities and celebrations that are occuring in our community. We would need a graphic, a link, and a description of the event. This includes birthdays, Gotcha Days, Blogoversaries, blog hops, etc. We want to include as much as possible, but we can’t do it without your help.
  • CB Repurrters. We want to bring back the CB Repurrters. There are so many more cat bloggers now than a few years ago and there is no way we can keep up with everyone. If you are interested in participating as a CB Repurrter, please email us as and provide your name, blog, and description of your area of interest. The CB Repurrters can let us know when something is happening (happy or sad) and provide a new blogger alert. It’s important that the CB Repurrters are people who visit around the Cat Blogosphere on a regular basis.
  • Memory and Illness Graphics. Ann has graciously agreed to continue to design and provide graphics for our fur children who are ill or who’ve left us for the Rainbow Bridge . We try to keep up through social media, but need notifications from our membership. You should email Ann directly at if the cat has a blog and she will design the graphic to post on the CB and will also send these graphics to Cecilia (The Power of the Paw) and to Linda (Our Rainbow Friends) so they can post, and/or follow up as need be.  If the cat is a non-blogger, but is active on social media, please email Mom Paula at Please include the human’s name, email address (if you are sending for someone else), cat’s name, and blog (or Facebook page) address so we can forward the graphic to her (him).
  • CB Calendar page. We need to update the calendar. It’s being moved to a new platform. Please double check the calendar and inform us of any deletions, additions, changes, etc. If the calendar isn’t available as we are updating the theme, please drop us a note through email.
  • Guest Posts. We hope to provide the opportunity for our members to provide a guest post on the CB, especially on national and international days that recognize cats. These would be short posts, but we would like back to your blog. Stay tuned…
  • Social Media. We have a CB account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are hoping to have some editors from the cat blogging community who will volunteer to manage these accounts. We’ll provide more information on these groups at a future date.

We look forward to working with everyone in this wonderful cat blogging community!

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