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Independence Day 7/4 Blog Links

Independence Day (aka 4th of July)

It’s a day of celebration in the United States where people celebrate the freedom from England’s rule. Many families take this opportunity to vacation, spend time with family and friends, go to barbecues, visit the beach and/or lakes, and watch fireworks. Please make sure you watch out for your pets (and former military who may suffer from PSTD) if your state allows fireworks to be use with individuals in neighborhoods. Provide a safe place for your cats where they will feel safe from all of the noise. Consider playing classical music, turning up the TV a little, or even giving a calming treat of some kind. Most of all, have fun, but please be safe and practice social distancing and practicing healthy safety recommendations.

July Event Badges

Check out the EVENTS for JULY and grab your BADGES! or click on the tab at the top of this page to grab your July badges.

Blog Hops

Saturday Art Blog Hop

Time to get creative with your cat photos and participate in the Caturday Art Hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess.

Cat Blogging Daily Links

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