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Josie Forever

We’re sad to report that Josie from Jasper McKitten-Cat left for the Rainbow Bridge today.  Josie’s final post is on the blog today and she says “

“I made it one month short of 14 years, which is more than most get.  I was lucky because I was able to spend a bonus week with Mom and Dad. That’s something Jasper didn’t get to do. I got to say bye to Huggy Bear and Maggie. Yesterday I napped on Dad’s chest on the couch (one of my favorite things) and slept at Mom’s feet all night. The closure was nice.”

You can read more of Josie’s post and leave comforting words for Dad Dean and Mom Jeni at

Note from Mom Paula from Sweet Purrfections – This one is hard for me because the McKitten-Cats were the very first blog I began following when I began blogging 10+ years ago. In fact, Dad Dean is the one who encouraged me to blog. My thoughts are with them today.

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