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Kely Forever

We are sad to report that the CB lost another special cat this weekend. Kely from Kely with One L went to the Rainbow Bridge. Please visit her mom, Teri, and offer words of comfort.

You can also reach Mom Teri at her Facebook post at

Mom Teri shared the following words:

Kelly was almost 18 and for the past three years have been doing quite well with her multiple health issues – IBD, kidney disease, arthritis. About two months ago I repeated her ultrasound and the intestinal thickening was bad again, so we increased her prednisolone to daily and increased her SQ fluids to daily and begin treating her for some liver issues. The past month she just was different… Both physically and emotionally/mentally. I knew when I had her out by the lake on Friday that she was telling me she was ready… but I wasn’t quite. I got to spend one more night with her and I knew it was time…


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