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Lagniappe Needs Our Purrs, Prayers and a Little Help Too


This is the story of a sweet senior tuxie, age 14, who shared her home and life with her sweet senior Mom, age 94 who loved her so. Time, age and poor health had come into their home and touched them both. Now, Mom was moving on to hospice. Where would Lagniappe go, who would care for her and what of her poor health? There are angels on earth and her long time pet sitter would be one, the other Miss C. from Whiskeratti. Together they came forward to give this little tuxie all she may need: a new home, medical attention, food and most of all, their care and love. So it was to be.

Now, as they wait on further testing and a diagnosis, more help is needed. The financial costs for the two caregivers is great and extending your “helping paws” will be so appreciated. A Go Fund Me site has been set up for her support and needs, any donation of any size will go to her care. Lagniappe deserves a good life, comfort and health and we thank you for helping to make that happen.

Please visit the blog here:

And please visit and help out on the GoFundMe page here:


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