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Maggy Forever

We’ve lost another icon of the CB this week – Maggy – from Zoolatry.  She was known as Mary Margaret, her given name ~ but lovingly called Maggy, Mags, the Magster, Magoo or MagMags. Maggy belonged to Ann, who so many of you know and love for her beautiful graphics and giving nature. We think Ann summarized beautiful Maggy the best – “A pure bred, tortie-point Himalayan with beautiful markings, and she knew it!  She displayed them proudly ~ the white star on her forehead, the gold/orange tipped furs on her ears and paws, the vanilla and chocolate chin, and her brilliant blue eyes, and that fur ~ long, lush, silky.Never really a lap cat, only seeking affection on her own terms, letting the Siamese in her genealogy come forth, loud and clear when she wanted something, definitely a talker.  Gracious, elegant, independent.  If I were to sing a song of Maggy, I’d sing, “She’s A Lady”.”

I must say this loss impacts me personally because Maggy was one of the first cats I followed on the CB and Ann has been such a wonderful friend to me and my girls the past 11 years. My heart goes out to Ann and my loving arms are encircling her how (virtually). Paula


Please visit Ann at and leave comforting wishes.

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