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Minion Forever

The true origins of cat blogging are lost in time and space ~ but we do know that the first posting for the Cat Blogosphere appeared in April of 2006. From that date until December of 2012, many dedicated bloggers managed the Cat Blogosphere . In January of 2013 until April 2018, Morgen “Mo” of the blog Purrchance 2 Dream, along with his beautiful black cat MINION stepped forth to design a new Cat Blogosphere.

MINION’S presence was there daily as lead reporter and her “avatar” was a symbol to hundreds, if not thousands of cats (and yes, dogs and bunnies and birds and more) who visited daily. Thank you for all you gave to us for so many years. We have missed you, Minion ~ and now that you have crossed your Rainbow Bridge to join all who have gone before, may you find peace and run free ~ forever.

Minion no longer has an active blog, you may leave your comments for her here. Thank you.

Morgen posted about Minion on his Facebook page. You can visit to read his post and leave a comment at

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, hugs. I just love The Cat Blogosphere and am glad to learn about it’s origins and your part in that – thank you so much!

  2. To my longtime friend Mo/Morgen ~ I share in your sadness, Minion was beautiful, loved by many, known by
    many more and very special. She’ll be in your heart forever.

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