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Monday 3/5 Blog Links

Hello Everyone, Morgen here.
The time has come for a new blog-runner and editor to take over the Cat Blogosphere.  Minion (the black kitty formerly known as Little Isis) and I have had fun the past few years after Mom Robyn of Hot(M)BC passed the torch over to us.  Now, it’s time to pass it along to Paula of Sweet Purrfections.  
Paula has actually been running the site, as well as the Facebook page, since the first of the year, uncredited, and it is my fault that this transfer has not happened sooner.  Between personal issues and the declining health of Minion, my brain sometimes just shuts down outside of work and I have not meant to procrastinate about this, it just happened.  I owe Paula a huge Thank You not only for being willing to run the Cat Blogosphere site so it stays active for those of us who love it and use it regularly, but also for her patience with me.
I’m not sure how much longer Minion has in this world, but I know she sends her regards, too.
So, bear with us over the next few weeks as the site transitions in ownership. I am really looking forward to what Paula can do running the Cat Blogosphere, and my sincerest wish is that it continues for years as the heart of the cat blogging community.
Looking towards the future,

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