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Monday 6/25 Blog Links

Pet Anxiety Awareness Week (PAAW) – June 25-July 1, 2018

We discovered a new pet awareness week while doing some research on the Internet. This week is Pet Anxiety Awareness Week (PAAW) and was launched by Kristen Levine with the goal of educating pet parents about what to do for pets with fear, anxiety, and stress. In the South, we have a lot of thunderstorms and people can actually shoot fireworks in neighborhoods. Other than the obvious signs of your pet hiding under the bed or whimpering, what are some of the signs of anxiety? What are some of the strategies for dealing with anxiety in pets? We look forward to reading your posts this week on managing fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.


We want to wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to Radagast from Kitty Cat Chronicles. Head over and help his family celebrate one year since he joined the family and the day they are celebrating his birthday. Head over to the celebration at

Monday 6/25 Blog Links

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