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Monday 6/4 Blog Links

Hug Your Cat Day

This is a special day in the cat world. It’s “Hug Your Cat Day.”  This is an unofficial holiday, sometimes referred to as National Hug Your Cat Day, and it’s celebrated on June 4. Even though all of the humans love to hug their cats every day (if their cats will let them), it’s nice to have a day where the world can help us express a little extra love for our fur children. Some humans are very lucky and their cats allow them to hug and cuddle with them. Hugging cats is a pleasant experience for humans and some believe that it’s also beneficial for human health. Who hasn’t picked up their feline and felt instant relaxation when that purring ball of fur was in your arms? Some of you may have felines who are a little stingy with their cuddling, so we hope you can find some special ways to enjoy their companionship today.


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