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Monday 7/9 Blog Links

It has been hot across the country this summer and we know it may get worse for some of you. July is Pet Hydration Month and we know many of our blogging friends will share facts, tips, and possible giveaways during the month to help people make sure their cats (and pets) are staying hydrated.

Guest Blogger

Our guest blogger today is Dawn White, from Lola the Rescued Cat. Dawn is sharing some important information about Pet Hydration Month and the need to keep your cats appropriately hydrated.

Pet Hydration Month

by Dawn White, from Lola the Rescued Cat

July is Pet Hydration Month. This is the time of year pet parents need to be aware of how much water their pets drink. Did you know that 80% of your cat’s body is made of water, and that your cat needs one ounce of water per pound of their body weight daily? Here are five ways to get your cat to drink more water.

Five Ways to get Your Cat to Drink More Water

  1. Place bowls in different areas around your house.

Having several water stations makes getting a drink more appealing and super easy for your cat. If your cat likes to drink from a cup, leave one or two (non-breakable) cups strategically placed around the house to entice her to drink.  Try using wide bowls to limit whisker stress. Another tip is to make sure the bowl is filled to the brim.

  1. Used filtered water.

Some cats don’t like tap water (unless they’re drinking it from the faucet like Lexy loves to do.) If your finicky feline is not drinking as much as she should, try filling their bowl from a filtered water pitcher or use bottled water.

  1. Feed your cat wet food and add some water to it.

You should consult with your veterinarian before starting any diet change, but if they agree, canned food has a high moisture content and is a good way to get more water into your cat’s diet. You can also add a splash of water to the food for added moisture, and if your cat is a little picky, try some low sodium chicken broth or a bit of tuna water.

  1. Change the water often.

Cats like fresh water, which can start to taste stale after sitting for a while, and biofilm can form on the bottom of the bowl. Not very appealing. Clean and refresh the water at least once daily, preferably more.

  1. Use fountains.

Fountains entice cats to drink more because many love moving water. (If I have a bowl out Lexy will move it with her paw so the water moves before she starts to drink.) If your cat loves drinking from the faucet, a fountain is a great way to replicate that.

Benefits of Using a Fountain:

  1. Running water stays cooler and tastes fresher
  2. The water runs through a charcoal filter so water is clean and healthy
  3. Most fountains have a well, so it appeals to cats who like running water and those who like drinking from a bowl.
  4. Your cat will drink more, which will benefit their health in many ways.

Making sure your cat is well hydrated will prevent urinary tract infections and urinary disease, aid with energy levels and temperature regulation, and speed recovery time from sickness or surgery.


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