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Our Rainbow Friends – February 2019

Our Rainbow Friends – February 2019



Our Rainbow Friends has now been publishing, on behalf of the pet loving community since January 2012 and we all know that over these years, many of our beloved pets … dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and more have sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.  Each crossing a moment of breaking hearts, tears, loss. At one time, many of you … so many … came to the blog each month, stopped by to leave a word of comfort, a kind comment for those who had lost a pet.  As time has passed, we have seen the visitors, the comments diminish to so very few, often only two or three!  How sad this is!

It is important that we support one another, of course we visit and share the good times, the fun events, the holidays ~ but visiting and remembering when there is a loss is perhaps one of the most important parts of being a member of the pet blogging community, of sharing the friendship, the love and the special bond that exists among us.

Please visit, this month, each month to come … we need you.  Thank you!

For February 2019 …  OUR RAINBOW FRIENDS

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