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Paws Together For Harley

Paws Together for Harley

Beautiful HARLEY … the Alpha Queen of the Five Sibes is not doing well, and yet today this sweet girl will celebrate her 14th-and-one-half birthday! Why 14 1/2 you may be wondering … because, so sadly, Harley’s poor health may not bring her to her fifteenth birthday … so will you go visit, put your paws together for her and her loving family, and help make this birthday celebration as special and as memorable as it should be. Thank you for caring!

And for those of you who enjoy being part of the FLASHBACK FRIDAY Blog Hop, and the WAITING WEDNESDAY Blog Hop … both sponsored by Five Sibes … please note that both of these will be temporarily on hiatus while Dorothy and family devote their time and give their love and care to Harley.  We will advise the pet blogging community at such time as these blog hops become active again.  Thank you.

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