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Saturday 7/21 Blog Links

It’s Caturday and time to have some fun!


National Meow Day

This is an interesting day to celebrate because we’ve found different dates on the Internet! Some say it’s in October, some say April, and some say July 21. We’re going to stick with July 21 this year and hope everyone gets their points across by meowing across the world to let people know “Cats Rule!”


National Craft for Your Shelters Day


Time to get crafty and make something for the animals in need who are in shelters. We know there are a lot of talented people throughout the Cat Blogosphere who can contribute their time and talents for a local shelter.


Guest Blogger

We’re excited to present Ellen Pilch from 15andMeowing as the guest blogger today. Ellen crochets a lot of catnip toys, many of which are donated to shelters to sell at events and to give to shelter pets.

National Craft for Your Shelters Day

by Ellen Pilch, from 15andMeowing

Today ( July 21st) is National Craft for Your Shelter Day. It was started back in 2012 by Erika Lindquist, owner of The Sew Doggy Blog. She was inspired by her own rescue dog, Sebastian. Many of us want to help pets in need, but are unable to volunteer at a shelter for various reasons. I know, I can’t be in a shelter without wanting to take them all home. A lot of us are not able to give a monetary donation either , but still want to help in some way.

I love to crochet so I have chosen this as my way to help. I make several kinds of crocheted toys using home grown catnip. I donate these toys to shelters to give to the residents. Some places also sell them as a way to raise funds for other shelter supplies. All that matters is that in the end it helps improve the lives of those animals in their care.

For those with some basic skills with the sewing machine you could make simple catnip filled mats. I am sure everyone reading this has some talent they can use to make something for those in need. Some things don’t even require a particular skill. For example, you can use old (clean) socks to make an easy toy. Just add some polyfil and a little nip, tie the end and you have a fun toy that took about two minutes to make. I recall Summer showing us an easy toy on her blog too. You just cut a piece of fleece into a rectangle, add nip, roll it and tie it in a knot.You could even gather all your cat loving friends and make it into a party.

For those of you that are fortunate enough to have more skills in areas or crochet and knitting, there are numerous free patterns for toys and blankets. It doesn’t matter what you make, all that matters is that you do make something and bring it to your local shelter. It is always best to call first to be sure they want your donations. Here are some links to crafts for shelters: and All Natural Pet Care list of links to patterns.


Cat Blogging Daily Links

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