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Sunday 6/10 Blog Links

It’s Sunday and time to get your easy on. We hope everyone has enjoyed a relaxing weekend and is prepared for the next week.

News from the Cat Writer’s Association

We have several of our cat blogging community who are members of the Cat Writer’s Association (CWA). The annual conference was this weekend in Houston, Texas. We’d like to recognize a few of our members of the cat blogging community who were elected as officers and received awards for 2018.


Deb Barnes – President – Zee and Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

Paula Gregg – Vice President – Sweet Purrfections

Dawn White – Treasurer – Lola the Rescued Cat

Council Members: Julie McAlee – Cats Herd You; Janiss Garza – Sparkle Cat featuring Summer, Therapy Cat and Kitty on the Go;   Alana Greylak – There’s a Cat in The Fridge


Susan Willett – Life with Dogs and Cats – AAFP Cat Friendly Award

Layla Morgan Wilde – Cat Wisdom 101 – Catalyst Council Connection Award; Muse for Books: Gifts;

Yasaar Nakchbendi – Chirpy Cats – CWA Council of Directors Newcomer Blogger’s Home-Enrichment Award; Muse for Blog: Behavior & Training; Muse for Illustration (single)

Deb Barnes – Zee and Zoey’s Cat Chronicles – Fear Free Cat Enrichment Award

Karen Nichols – Mousebreath – Kuykendall Image Award; Muse for Illustration (Series)

JaneA Kelley – Paws and Effect – Muse for Magazine Column; Muse for Blog: Any Other Topic

Anita Aurit – Feline Opines – Muse for Blog: Entertainment

Janiss Garza – Sparkle Cat featuring Summer, Therapy Cat and Kitty on the Go – Muse for Color Photograph (single)

Lisa Richman – A Tonk’s Tale – Muse for Photographic Art

Kate Benjamin – Hauspanther – Michael Brim Distinguished Service Award

Blog Hop

It’s time to share your selfies on the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop over at The Cat on My Head.


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