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Sunday 7/22 Blog Links

Blog Hop

Time to pull out those cell phones and cameras again and pose for your Sunday Selfie. When you get the “purrfect” selfie, hop over to The Cat on My Head and join the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


2019 Blogging Cats Calendar

Don’t forget to send in your photographs for inclusion in the 2o19 Blogging Cats Calendar. Information can be found about the appropriate photos to use at  Your photos need to be sent to Sweet Purrfections at


CB Repurrters

We need some volunteers who visit a lot of the cat blogs on a regular basis to consider being repurrters for the CB. These people would let us know what is happening around the world with cat bloggers: celebrations, illnesses, birthdays, Gotcha Days, deaths, and other pertinent information we need to share with the community. If you’re interested, please let us know at


Cat Blogging Daily Links

Thanks for stopping by today, we’re glad you’re here.  Please leave your link to your blog post below and hop around and visit lots of others!

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