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Wednesday 12/11 Blog Links

Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day

Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day focuses on collecting animal food to bring to shelters and humane societies. Food drives may be set up by individuals or by organizations. Food such as dry and wet cat food, as well as treats, can also be directly donated to organizations on the day.

December Calendar

December Monthly Celebrations

Winnie’s Wish Auction


There’s a new auction starting November 8th to benefit Winnie’s Wish cat rescue and sanctuary. Just in time for Holiday shopping! Items for you, for pets, and for pet loving friends! New items will be added all the time. This will be in the Insta-Auction format, meaning anytime an item gets it’s first bid a three day timer starts, at the end of the three days, that item will be won by the highest bidder. This means items will be coming and going at different times during the month long auction. All bidding on all items will end on December 16th. Be sure to stop by,hopefully more than once, and see what’s up for bids to help the kitties! Click on the graphics above to take you to the auction site.

2020 Cats of the World Weekly Planner


The 2020 Weekly Planner is ready for purchase. You can click the graphic above to take you to the page where you can purchase the planner. Sweet Purrfections would like to thank Yasaar Nakchbendi for her design of the front and back cover, the numerous award-winning authors, and the members of the blogging world and social media for submitting their photos of the beautiful cats. When you go to the page on Lulu, you will usually see a discount code offered for the planner.


Holiday Slide Show

It’s time to participate in the annual Bloggers Holiday Slide Show. There are two ways to participate this year – send your graphic to or now your e-card can be part of the bloggers holiday show (if you wish) without sending it separately! If you participate in the card exchange,just check off the special slideshow box in Claire’s Christmas Card spreadsheet and we will include yours as we get it!

Blessing Train

Another even for the holiday season is the Blessing Train, hosted by Click on the graphic above for directions on joining the Blessing Train and to grab your boxcar to make a special photo. The Blessing Train runs each Sunday in December. Submissions can be sent now through December 20. They will post links to each blog along with the individual box car and add it to the train for it’s final run on the last Sunday in December.


Blog Hops

The Pet Parade

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

If you’d like to participate in a Blog Hop today, all you need to do is click on the graphic above you’d like to participate in and it will take you directly to the blog. This is another way to be active in the cat blogging community.

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