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Wednesday 6/5 Blog Links

It’s Wednesday and time to post those adorable, funny, and amazing photos for Wordless Wednesday. They always say a picture is worth a thousand words. What photo will you post today?


One of the new features we’d like to add to our daily post are giveaways that are sponsored by our cat blogging community. If you will email us your photo/graphic, a description of the item, the direct link to the post, and the deadline for the giveaway, we’d be happy to  post it on the CB.

Cuddle Clones at Sweet Purrfections

Sweet Purrfections is hosting a giveaway for the opportunity to win a Cuddle Clones Plush Clone. It’s open to everyone, worldwide, and the deadline is June 25.  Visit to enter for the giveaway.

Truffle and her Cuddle Clones Plush Clone

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